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Electronic products

In the nautical world, electronic products are very important. That's why iRasmus offers you a wide range of electronic products.

The high frequency devices are those whose electromagnetic band is from 30 to 300 MHz, such as VHF radios.

The GPS is a system that allows to position any object or person on the Earth

The radar is a system that uses electromagnetic waves to measure distances, altitudes, directions...

The antennais a device used to emit or receive radio waves. Here you will also find bases for antennas.

Fishfinders provide exceptional fish-finding and bottom-tracking capabilities.

The transducers are devices capable of transforming or converting input energy into a different output energy.

Within the instrumentation we can find monitors to measure batteries, temperatures, depth, wind...

The automatic pilots take the helm of your boat with the greatest security and confidence that you can find.

The satellite docks allow you to turn any smartphone into a satellite phone. Providing great connectivity.

We have the best accessories for marine electronics, such as docks, control panels, clocks, antenna mounts... and much more.