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Safety Products

In the nautical world, safety is the most important thing, that's why in iRasmus we offer the best items for it:

The most resistant life rafts for emergency situations and adapted to extreme conditions.

The immersion suits protect a person from hypothermia when immersed in water.

The signaling and communication lights are used to mark and signal an area, we include flags, lights, bells, etc, etc.

The highest quality fire extinguishers for putting out fires.

The first aid kits are used to treat and heal wounds, indispensable on any vessel.

We have the safest life jackets and harnesses, to prevent drowning or falls.

The life jackets and harnesses are used to prevent drowning or falls.

The lifebuoys are floats to protect human life and are also a must for boats. Also a must for boats.

The gas detectors are devices that detect the presence of gas in the air and, at a certain concentration, emit an optical and acoustic signal. In addition, they can operate an automatic gas shut-off system.

The equipment bags are useful kits that include vests, fire extinguishers, signaling flags, etc. Complete and of great quality.

The extinguisher holders and boxes are what you need to store or hold the extinguisher in the place you choose.