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The anode is a piece of zinc or magnesium alloy that is placed in certain areas of the boat to protect the engine and metal parts from electrolytic corrosion.

In gas springs, terminals and tensioners you will find the best gas springs for your boat's engine, terminals to facilitate the connection between devices and tensioners to adjust the tension of your lines.

Within iRasmus you can find the highest quality locks, knobs and holders to protect your boat.

Within acastillaje you will find stanchions to hold and keep sails straight, cables, handles, and more within this category

The eyebolts are iron ropes with an eye, hook or eyebolt at one end and a thread at the other end to make it firm anywhere on the ship. It can also be a U-shaped steel bar welded to the deck, bulkheads or sides.

The cleats are pieces of metal or wood which, bent at their ends and fixed at their midpoint, are used to tie up lines.

The hatches are large openings, located at various points on the decks, used to introduce and extract cargo from the holds, or to establish communication with a compartment.

The shackles are pieces of metal used to bind or fasten something. And carabiners are rings that open and close to attach the jib to the forestay.

The most useful accessories for fitting, such as mosquito nets, boxes, glove boxes, nets... and much more.