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3M is one of the most popular brands in the industrial sector. It offers solutions for different fields, such as healthcare, security, home care, transportation and much more. What sets them apart from other brands is their application of science during the production process, the way they are able to offer the most innovative solutions. That is why we at iRasmus are committed to this brand and include it in our nautical products catalog.

3M safety products

In all the tasks we perform in our lives, our safety must always come first, and 3M knows this. That's why they offer a wide range of safety products that we can use while working on our boat to prevent injuries and keep us safe and sound. 

3M Safety Glasses

Eyesight is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and one of the most common to get injured while working on the boat. For this reason, having a high quality safety glasses is very important. The 3M brand offers the best balance between protection, comfort and design.

3M goggles

Sometimes, protecting only our eyes may not be enough. Especially if we work with paints, or strong cleaning products, gases or other chemicals, we may need to use masks to protect our face and nasal airways. For this reason, the 3M brand includes in its catalog high quality full face masks that can be used in situations like these.

3M cleaning products

The 3M brand is also known for its cleaning products, and if we want to make a correct maintenance of our boat, these products are something we must take into account. In our catalog we can find chemical products, such as adhesive cleaner or gel coats, as well as tools used for cleaning, such as abrasive pads and discs. 

3M sandpaper

One of the most common maintenance tasks on the boat is painting. But before doing it, we must prepare it properly. To do this, we will need 3M sandpaper to scrape off the old paint and leave the surface smooth and ready for painting or polishing. 

3M Tapes

One of 3M's most popular products are its tapes, which we can use to protect our boat while we paint it. We will find a wide range of different tapes, from double-sided acrylic tape to a cloth duck tape.

3M polishing kit

We all want our boats to have the best possible finish, and the best way to achieve this is by polishing. It will help us to remove imperfections and scratches. 3M has developed different products in different formats and designed for different materials such as metal or fiber. 

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